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Fact behind amazing scene in burma

Fact Behind Amazing Scene in Bruma (Updated)

This mail is getting circulating between all of us, which is claiming the below message
This is a rock formation on the shores of a lake in Burma. It's only possible to view this image on a certain time of the year, due to the reflection of the angle of the sun. To view it better, tilt your head to your left as if you want to look at the image from a 90 Deg angle turned to the right and look at the reflection in the water joined together with the rock formation.
 Tilt your head to the left and then look at it again.

The whole picture in verticle now look at it again, You may see Mother and Son praying.

This amazing image claims that the image depicts a rock formation on a lakeside in Burma. According to the message, the image depicts a praying mother and son and can be best viewed by tilting your head to the left. Most of us will surely get amazed watching this image but is this really true?

Facts behind Amazing Rock
The above Rock formation on lakeside in bruma which depicts a praying mother and son, is not a natural rock formation found in bruma. Its a Fictional element from the children story book, as rendered by Korean illustrator Kim Jae-hong

Its a Hoax, I do respect the message that it contain "Nature is great and we all need to respect and protect it" but not believing on the image. Its a true work of art and its so perfect and correct that, it makes you believe that its true. The awesome art was actually created by Kim Jae-hong for the children book named "Children of the East River"

The book itself (Children of the East River) and it describes:
Two Children (Soon-Ee and Dong-Ee) play on a riverbank while waiting for the return of their mother, who has gone to town to sell beans and other harvested goods. The children ask a big bird and a bear cub when their mother is coming back and play with imaginary animals while awaiting her return.

The author incorporates nature (the forest and the river) into his illustrations to reveal the hidden beauty of nature. If the reader looks at the pictures carefully, he can see that the author has used shadows in the water and its surroundings to show the imaginary animals in the book.

A photo from an interior page of the book presents the illustration in context:

Check his blog for more image here.



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